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There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my chiquitos… October 17, 2008

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Monday was a day for the record books.  So, I headed into San Jose at 9:30 am, stopped to make several hundred copies of kinder worksheets and then got on the bus to Carpio.  On my list of things to do was visit two of the nearby schools, so I hopped off the bus at Escuela Otto Hube and went in to speak with the director.  I was hoping he would let me sign up my children to take the readiness exam for first name.  The final sign-up date was Friday, so I was praying hard…He said it was already out of his hands, and pointed me toward the Education Assessors in San Jose.  Bus again–back to where I’d just come from.

Once I found the building and the preschool education on the 7th floor, I  stated my case in greater detail to a woman who never offered me a seat.  She told me it was out of her hands, and I needed to go see Giaconda at the Regional Supervisor’s office in Tibas.  So after a quick lunch break I hopped a bus to Tibas, and found the school and the office which was closed until 1 pm. Luckily I only had to wait 10 minutes or so until it reopened, and I once again explained my situation to Giaconda, who didn’t seem to believe me that I had a group of children ready for 1st grade.  (“You may think so…”)  But she promised to make a phone call to Consuelo at Finca La Caja, the school in La Carpio, on my behalf.

 I returned on the bus to San Jose, then took the bus to Carpio.  I went directly to the Director’s office at the Finca La Caja school (there are 3 buildings separate from each other), and was promptly told that Consuelo was at the other building, heading up the kinder program. Again I had to backtrack, and I arrived smack-dab in the middle of a children’s program to celebrate Oct 12 Day of Cultures (Columbus Day).  Had to wait for all the singing to end and parents to clear out…which wasn’t happening fast since there was a food sale down a narrow hallway made even narrower by the construction materials stacked against one wall. Maria de los Angeles found me–she is a 9 year old girl in our Bible club.  She took my hand and led me through the crowd (no easy feat) straight to Consuelo’s office. Thank you Lord for sending me an angel!

 I sat down and explained our program, my purpose to Consuelo. She was happy to help and began searching through papers when she asked how old my children were. She then stated “But that’s for FIRST GRADE! I can’t help you with that. Don Miguel at the Director’s office is in charge of that.”  Was she serious?  I had to return once again to where I had just come from. For the fifth time that day I explained and begged and pleaded.  Don Miguel listened and then told me I had until 6 pm to produce the paperwork for 8 children.  It was at that moment 4 pm. He also conceded that parents could come at 7 am the next morning but not a minute later! On my way out of the school I was trapped again by an assembly/Columbus day program for the older kids.  Then I got on the phone and started calling all parents possible and made a few house calls to inform the parents. 

Praise God!  By 8 am the next morning I found out that 6 children were successfully registered..and the remaining 2 had been registered by their families ahead of time.   There are 3 others who will automatically enter 1st grade due to their age, and 4 children too young/not ready to enter school. I pray that the children do well on the test and can all pass on to the next grade.  To God be all the glory!


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  1. Melanie Z Says:

    Madre Mia! I thought I had a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through for education here in the States! Wow Megan…my heart’s with ya! Hang in there sweetie! The kids are worth it!

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