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Gall bladder surgery November 28, 2008

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 Bendiciones–Blessings upon you all.  I have been overwhelmingly loved and emailed by all of you in the USA and around the world. Thank you for your ongoing prayers.  What I long for most is that you would not cease to pray.  Prayer is not just for emergencies!  Think about all the aspects of your life–your relationship with a sibling or infuriating coworker….when you can’t find the keys…when your kids won’t listen to you…when you feel all alone…when the headache makes you want to cry…..
Just REMEMBER that the Lord is closer than you know, and is in fact bending down His ear to receive your prayers.  Keep talking to Him–about anything and everything!  He already knows all of it, there is nothing that can scare Him away, because what He wants most of all is to draw near to you and restore you.
Having said that, I want to let you know how I’m doing physically. It’s Thursday morning, 2 1/2 days after surgery.  They tell me the surgery went very well, and the poor condition of my gall bladder only confirmed that it was the right decision to take it out.  From recovery I returned to find my hospital room filled with people! I was certainly surprised  by all the friends who stopped by. 
Tuesday I was still recovering in the hospital, slowly adding liquids and a few bland foods back into me. Slowly starting to walk around the room and up and down the hall.  I was discharged around 5 pm, and Marielos and Egle were wonderful to drive me back to my home. They also went grocery shopping for me and made me a vegetable chicken soup for dinner. 
I do things very slowly, but can get around the house about as much as I want (and yes there are stairs).  Still sleeping for several hours at a time; with little stamina to stay with the same activity for more than half an hour, but I feel pretty good.  And as long as I stick to the diet restrictions for the next 10 days I can eat normal (albeit bland) food.  I went outside yesterday for about 10 minutes and am hoping to walk a little bit more outside today.
Above all, I praise God for His healing and care of me during these past few days.  I also have to thank Susan, who spent dedicated two entire days to keep me company in the hospital.  And Ana Virginia has been by my side at every moment she can when not working–both in the hospital and staying here with me at the house for anything I may need.  I have no words to thank them for their loving friendship and humble actions. 
I promise you all that I will continue to take it easy!  


November 21st: 

Next week, Monday November 24, I will be admitted to Hospital Clinica Biblica.  About a week ago, an ultrasound showed a large gallstone (about 2 cm for those who are interested).  At long last, an answer to my chest pain.  For those of you who have been receiving my updates for a long time, you may remember me asking for prayer in Feb 2007 when I had a mysterious week of pain and vomiting.  I can’t know for sure, but it is likely that I had a stone at that time too.  And that a few other smaller episodes over the past few years were the same thing. 
The doctors have decided the best action is to remove  my gall bladder.  I will be in the hospital overnight, then expect to be recovering in my house for a week or so.  I feel comfortable with the doctor and surgeon, and trust I am in good hands.  I also have good friends who will help take care of me/visit following surgery.
Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers. I love to hear from you!
Megan Crow


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