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A mish-mash of events… December 16, 2008

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I praise God that my life is approaching normalcy after my gall bladder surgery 2.5 weeks ago.  Overall, I feel great. I still tire easily, and am not pushing my limits.  Yes–I am asking for help when I need it and coming home to rest when necessary.  And thankfully, I can resume a regular diet–they just say don’t overdo it with fatty foods. 

I am excited to travel to the USA  tomorrow! I haven’t seen my siblings in almost a year, so I am looking forward to spending a month with family and friends in Michigan.  Please pray for a safe trip north, and for my adjustment to the COLD weather! 

We enjoyed a special graduation night with the kinder kids:  10 children (out of 15) and their families came to celebrate the end of the year.  The kids sang songs in both Spanish and English, recited their Bible memory verses, and performed a choreography that Valesky had taught us.  And the parents enjoyed a slide show of the kids throughout the year (they don’t often have photos of their little ones). With balloons and streamers, brownies and ice cream for dessert, and everyone in their best clothes, it was certainly a night to remember!

I hope you enjoy some pictures from the past month.  In/around surgery, life included some special events:

  1. Roxelin’s baby shower    
  2.  Thanksgiving at the campus house with at least 7 countries represented    
  3. A Christmas dinner at Fiorella’s church and meeting baby Melissa
  4.  preparations for the upcoming teen camps
  5. a birthday party for 3 year old Marjini
  6. pizza with Danny and Karina (earned for completing their homework)
  7. a “despedida de soltera” for Patricia who is to be married in January
  8. an end-of-the year outing with all Carpio workers
  9. Nutcracker ballet with my best friend Ana Virginia
  10. Christmas luncheon with the ladies from the English speaking Escazu churchNutcracker

Check out more photos!


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