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Kinder, here we come! February 26, 2009

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There are T minus 5 days until the first day of kindergarten, and so much yet to be done!  It didn’t help that on Sunday I became violently sick for 24 hours and have still been semi recovering for the past 3 days.  I assumed it was food poisoning from something I ate Saturday, but today Susan handed me some pills to take for parasites–just in case.  I think I’m back to normal now…I hope so!

I don’t know how many hours (20+) I’ve spent sorting through our kinder worksheets, preparing for the year.  By now, I’ve accumulated enough good materials that I will be putting together a master book of originals to use in teaching.   I splurged on a much-needed item, a metal file cabinet to keep our photocopies and supplies in.  This way I don’t have to haul as much back on forth on the buses.  Our kinder closet was beginning to spill out of its doors…now it can just be the toy closet!

Please pray for Ana Virginia and I as we ready to teach yet another group of little ones.  Pray that the children will adapt well to the classroom.  I’m a little concerned since we have an overly high ratio of boys to girls…just how rambunctious will they get??


One Response to “Kinder, here we come!”

  1. Jacque Says:

    hi megan. i am jacque, not sure if you remember me from a few years back. i just wanted to tell you that i enjoy our updates and what a marvelous work God has you doing! i love that there is a kinder in carpio. i am a teacher and what a joy to see that these kidoes are being given the opportuntity to be educated like they should be. keep pressing on! please give Ana virginia my love, too. …and if you need a first grade teacher, let me know 😉 i am in mexico right now. maybe i’ll get to visit CR some day soon and see the kinder live. take care. God Bless!

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