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My fabulous kinder kids May 28, 2009

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It’s hard to believe we’ve been in class three months already!   Our days are filled with:

  1. songs (silly songs and praise songs)
  2. giant floor puzzles (learning teamwork)
  3. morning routine (we’ve almost memorized the 12 months of the year!)
  4. line leader and class assistants (we take our jobs very seriously)
  5. colors, shapes, and numbers
  6. sidewalk chalk
  7. “los sapitos”  ( a game of leapfrog)
  8. exercises and stretches
  9. homework folders
  10. 10 minute rest time (we earn a sticker if we’re quiet!)
  11. playground balls and jumpropes
  12. books and memory games
  13. water breaks and hand sanitizer and children’s chewable vitamins
  14. snack time and brushing our teeth
  15. lining up behind the leader (except we still push and shove…)
  16. worksheets and name writing
  17. crafts and coloring and scissor practice
  18. yellow bracelets (to distinguish left from right)

We walked through the story of creation, and now we are applying what we’ve learned. These past two weeks we have followed the theme Healthy Bodies, discussing how God made us to rest, to play, to exercise and practice sports, and to take care of our bodies. 

Last Friday we had a field day at New Horizons.  Ciro–the program director at NH–did a phenomenal job leading the kids through drills with playground balls to learn coordination, and the kids were wowed by all the open space.  Due to the hot, hot sun, we took many water breaks and enjoyed sandia (watermelon) and I was thankful to have 3 mom helpers along. 

I praise God for the changes I see in my kids.  They are familiar with the routine and the days are smoothing out little by little.  We lived through yet another adjustment, as we said goodbye to Ana Virginia (my trusty co-teacher).  She  is now working at our other building, teaching civics to the teen girls at Instituto Vida.  For the past month, I have led the class alone, but I hope to find a helper that can commit to the rest of the year.

Please continue to pray for Dimas, Luis, and Sianny–my most wild and aggressive children.  Please pray for Wiston, Pedro, Aaron and Luis–that they listen to directions well and understand how to do worksheets.  Pray that Josseling will no longer run off to a corner to cry.


Northern Nicaragua Trip (Ocotal, April 2009) May 8, 2009

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My friend Angie and I needed to renew our 90 day visas, so we headed to Nicaragua.  While I have spent time in the south and in Managua, I wanted to do something different.  We picked a town on the map, close to the Honduran border, and travelled via the TransNica bus line. It was a spontaneous trip, and we let our instincts guide us from one moment to the next.  There are so many unforgettable memories:

The 150 steps up to an abandoned church in the tiny village of Mozonte.  Charmed by Ciudad Antigua, once the capital of the region.  Swinging & singing in the park.  Walking every single street and knowing everyone was watching us.  Climbing into the bed of a pickup truck with 10 other Nicaraguans to hitch a ride.  Sitting by the side of the highway, waiting for the bus and chatting with ladies from Honduras.  Finding out the next town was a 2 hour ride!  Edwin who was bold enough to write his number on the palm of my hand!  Wandering through Jalapa and drinking in the amazing mountain views.  Stopping to talk to so many friendly people.  Using a wide variety of outhouses (one without walls!). On the bus next to us is a boy with a chicken and his grandma with a stick.  Dinner at Julito’s Pizza, and praying with Meylin and her staff.   A taxi to Dipilto Nuevo (can a town get smaller) and then to Dipilto Viejo (yes they can get smaller!).  Prayer in front of the crucified Christ; a man and his grandson pull water from the well.  Simple country wooden church full of calla lilies in preparation for Easter.  Meeting Alicia at the bus stop–if only there was enough time to visit her house!  Arriving at the artesania store (crafts) to find it CLOSED.  But the villagers went searching out the owner to open it, and meanwhile we hung out on the porch talking with Paola, Maicol, Jimmy and Quique.  Cutting the trip short to arrive in Managua in time to cross the border Thursday (since both countries shut down in every sense of the word on Good Friday).


Check out more pics here!


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