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My fabulous kinder kids May 28, 2009

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It’s hard to believe we’ve been in class three months already!   Our days are filled with:

  1. songs (silly songs and praise songs)
  2. giant floor puzzles (learning teamwork)
  3. morning routine (we’ve almost memorized the 12 months of the year!)
  4. line leader and class assistants (we take our jobs very seriously)
  5. colors, shapes, and numbers
  6. sidewalk chalk
  7. “los sapitos”  ( a game of leapfrog)
  8. exercises and stretches
  9. homework folders
  10. 10 minute rest time (we earn a sticker if we’re quiet!)
  11. playground balls and jumpropes
  12. books and memory games
  13. water breaks and hand sanitizer and children’s chewable vitamins
  14. snack time and brushing our teeth
  15. lining up behind the leader (except we still push and shove…)
  16. worksheets and name writing
  17. crafts and coloring and scissor practice
  18. yellow bracelets (to distinguish left from right)

We walked through the story of creation, and now we are applying what we’ve learned. These past two weeks we have followed the theme Healthy Bodies, discussing how God made us to rest, to play, to exercise and practice sports, and to take care of our bodies. 

Last Friday we had a field day at New Horizons.  Ciro–the program director at NH–did a phenomenal job leading the kids through drills with playground balls to learn coordination, and the kids were wowed by all the open space.  Due to the hot, hot sun, we took many water breaks and enjoyed sandia (watermelon) and I was thankful to have 3 mom helpers along. 

I praise God for the changes I see in my kids.  They are familiar with the routine and the days are smoothing out little by little.  We lived through yet another adjustment, as we said goodbye to Ana Virginia (my trusty co-teacher).  She  is now working at our other building, teaching civics to the teen girls at Instituto Vida.  For the past month, I have led the class alone, but I hope to find a helper that can commit to the rest of the year.

Please continue to pray for Dimas, Luis, and Sianny–my most wild and aggressive children.  Please pray for Wiston, Pedro, Aaron and Luis–that they listen to directions well and understand how to do worksheets.  Pray that Josseling will no longer run off to a corner to cry.


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