The Life of Maestra Megan

Adventures in the life of a Costa Rican Missionary

Family time November 12, 2009

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Here is a slide show of the fun we had together as a family during September-October.  My parents were down here for 5 weeks total; my 10 year old niece Jenna came down for 3 weeks and my sister snuck away for 8 days from work.  They can now say they truly understand what my life looks like–since they were with me all the time!! I loved having them alongside me in kinder class and all the other ministries.  They helped kids with crafts, games, multiplication tables, and were generous enough to provide snack on several occasions.  There wasn’t much extra time for “vacation/tourist” time, but we did have a few Sunday drives in the mountains, to the beach, and to Volcan Arenal. Enjoy the pictures!


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