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Adventures in the life of a Costa Rican Missionary

Six minus two… November 12, 2009

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Edgar is 11 years old, in 3rd grade, and working on division during our after-school tutoring program.  While he understands how to divide, he is considerably slowed down by his lack of basic subtraction.  I watched him work out 6-2 on his fingers…

Grettel came to me with her worksheet:  the question was, “Who makes their nest in trees?”  It took her ten minutes, and a lot of coaxing from me before she could come up with the answer “bird”…

Karla is so distracted by the antics of other children at the table, that she can’t concentrate on  writing out 5 simple sentences.  I have to take her to another part of the room and work with her one-on-one…

These are just a few of so many stories.. to show you how essential the tutoring program is, to help children succeed in school.  Please pray for more volunteers (from the local and surrounding communitites) that can sit and work with the students each week.


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