The Life of Maestra Megan

Adventures in the life of a Costa Rican Missionary

Tortilla Flat April 27, 2010

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Today was a low-key day, which I welcomed after a full day of work yesterday, and knowing that tomorrow involves an 8 hour bus ride up to Nicaragua. 

I had expected to lead a Bible study today, but at the last minute the young lady cancelled.  So I found myself with time to spontaneously visit Gladys.  Mother of one of my kinder kids, she was a great help to me during the last months of the class, and I discovered a new friendship. 

While the rain pounded down on the tin roof of their tiny, humble shack (home to five people), we shared sweet fellowship, beans, rice and tortillas.  We had the most laughs when I joined in the tortilla-making.  If only I’d had my camera with me to record my pitiful attempts!! Even 6 year old Sianny can pound out a flat round tortilla in about 30 seconds, and she just kept shaking her head at me…When she tasted them she said “yours tastes like dough. Mine tastes like pure tortilla!”

Just before I left, Gladys brought out her Bible and read me the 121st Psalm, praying for God’s protection over me in my travels.  There are few things more amazing than a friend who spends time in prayer with you. Thank you, Lord, for surrounding me with such special people!


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