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Living spontaneously May 1, 2011

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Do you have a fat agenda book? Is your life planned out weeks ahead of time?  Not me…I can’t do it. Either I forget to write it all down, or I forget to look at my schedule…Often I don’t make plans for the afternoon until mid-morning!  It actually comes in handy now, when I have to constantly check my pain levels before embarking on any outing.

So, this Wednesday I realized it was already the end of April, and I needed to leave the country by the 30th.  You see, migration only allowed me a 30 day entry stamp this time around. I’m not sure why..and didn’t notice it until too late, but Costa Rica is now stricter with their entry permits, trying to flush out the people who leave CR every 90 days to renew a tourist visa.  I admit I am one of those people….complying with the letter of the law while living here on a  long term basis.

I still didn’t make firm travel plans until Friday afternoon, when I purchased a flight to San Salvador for Saturday at noon!  Praise God– I had an airport pickup and a place to stay through friends of  a friend.  I’m having a great time, all spontaneously!  Drinking cold coconut water in a bag, making fast friends with Greg’s two little boys and  his lovely wife Ana. A conversation in English with a young man from the national military academy.  Pupusas for dinner, pineapple with honey drizzled on top, walking to 5 different stores to try and buy a $1.50 phone card, Sunday morning worship (wearing a lace head covering) at a local brethren church, Ana’s mother lavishing us with drinks and cookies and chips from the little business set up in her home. 

And the fun never ends!  My friend Elida just called me, she and her friends are picking me up tomorrow, I will spend the rest of the week with them, hopefully visiting Elida’s home in a nearby village, rumor has it I’ll be staying at (or near?) an orphanage….who knows what will happen next! 

 The Bible tells us ” do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”  People often fuss about the small details, when it is  far more important to seek God’s kingdom first–giving our full attention to what He is doing right here, right now. What are you focused on? Do you need to redirect your attention to the Creator of the Universe? Give it a try….watch & see how He takes care of you…


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