The Life of Maestra Megan

Adventures in the life of a Costa Rican Missionary

Being a missionary means…. September 21, 2011

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Often, this sentence runs through my head….Because I am often asked what do I do, what does a typical day look like?  And at the most random moments in my life, I realize that “THIS is what being a missionary means.”  So…today? Today, being a missionary meant Playstation with 9 year old David.  Yes, I’m serious!  Susi and I made a short visit to a family–mom Olga just returned home after a hysterectomy, and needed some pain meds and some encouragement.  Susi spent time with Olga in prayer, while I chatted with the kids, congratulated them on their report cards, and then played virtual soccer with young David.  God willing, tomorrow I’ll have time and energy to go back and visit Olga again, maybe even cook a simple meal for the family.  And…probably play more Playstation with my buddy…


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