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Seeing through new eyes December 13, 2011

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I pray that your hearts will be able to understand.  

 I pray that you will know about the hope given by God’s call.

I pray that you will see how great the things are that He has promised to those who belong to Him. (Ephesians 1:18)



As we countdown the final weeks before January Camp, we pray without ceasing. God is capable of reaching each and every camper, and we ask that the kids will open their hearts to accept His transforming love. 

God’s love draws the teens off the streets & onto a soccer field.  God’s love takes a gun out of a young man’s hand & replaces it with a skateboard.  God’s love changes a girl’s foul language through craft classes.  God’s love restores beauty to an abused young woman, and gives success in robotics to a high school dropout.

All year long, Christ For the City’s PROYECTO RENUEVOS works with the youth of La Carpio in these programs and many more.  But January Camp is key to their success.  It is where we see the pain at its most acute, where we pinpoint the origins of abuse, where we discover the lies, where the youth truly connect with their leaders.


January Camp is just three weeks away, and we still have not raised the $15,000 total needed for this important event.

Just $70 to the Carpio Camp Fund is enough to sponsor one camper for 4 days.   Every donation is an opportunity, a chance for one more youth to be transformed through God’s generous love. 


Please mark all donations for CARPIO CAMP and mail to:

Christ For the City International

PO Box 390395

Omaha, NE 68139 USA

Or donate online at        


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