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The best part of my day? May 10, 2012

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There were so many good parts today….it would be impossible to choose….

A lovely walk around the Universidad de Costa Rica on a sunny morning.

A delicious and piping-hot empanada de queso and fruit salad, thanks to a recent donation given in order to feed a small lunch to the kids in our programs.

Vanilla ice cream, a surprise treat for the kids!  I never say no to ice cream…

1st grader Brandon learning to write correctly.  His eyes brimming with tears gave way to a smile of triumph!

Friends indeed.  Especially Rachel and Joshua.

A ride home in a car.  (I never take that for granted)

Crawling around on the floor to chase 9 month old Ezekiel.  Whenever he sees me, his entire face lights up. And yes, I melt.

Building block towers with 2.5 year old Alexander.  (“Build it high, Aunt Megan! All the way up to God!”  “No, Alex, we can’t reach up to God, it’s not possible.  That’s why God came down to us!”)

Polishing off the last of my delicious mango chickpea curry and winding down with a book.  A square of dark chocolate. Small luxuries.

A bed, for which I am thankful every day of my life.

Lord, I praise you, for you have blessed me abundantly!!




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