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Thank you Bethany!! August 3, 2013

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I am especially grateful for Bethany, an education major from Tennessee. She came to volunteer for 3 months, and quickly became my right hand in the English program. I cannot begin to say how much she has helped me….. lesson plans, games, crafts, hugs, encouragement, prayer, etc etc etc.

Fully trusting in her creativity and capablities, I was happy to hand the class over to Bethany most days, allowing me to work from home, and to rest more than normal. She finishes on August 9th.  During June/July we had also many extra North American visitors join a few classes.

Meanwhile, I have two wonderful helpers from the Universidad de Costa Rica, and should be getting a few more UCR students (doing their community service hours) in September.  Now I’ll be teaching full time again and we still have 4 more months left in the school year, so I’d appreciate your continuing prayers for energy!





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