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Carpio Camp December 9, 2013



I’m not a mover and a shaker.  I don’t know people.  I don’t even hardly know people who DO know people.  I wish I did.  I wish I could move and shake to the tune of fifteen thousand dollars..that with just one Facebook post, in a few hours we would have raised the entire $15,000 needed to take 170 kids out of an unstable city slum to a camp in the countryside. 


Try to imagine what I see every day:

Dirt roads leading to concrete steps leading down into dark, narrow entryways past leaning doorposts, to one room homs inhabited by an entire family.

Students who can’t pay attention in English classes, because they haven’t eaten any breakfast.

Young ones not in school, but pushing wheelbarrows around, searching for scraps of metal to sell.

Kids who scavenge the floor for bits and pieces of craft paper they can take home. 

Eleven year olds wearing clothes three sizes too small, when that’s all they own.


We are less than a month away from Carpio camp, and the kids are counting down the days.  Many of them are going for the first time ever.  To my dismay, we have only raised $750 of the $15,000 needed and I can’t bear to tell the kids that camp won’t happen this year.

Giving $25 pays for one day of camp;  when you donate $100, you sponsor a camper for the full four days.  Come, be a part of Christ For the City’s Carpio camp–your investment will bring great joy into the lives of our youth!

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