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Full of enthusiasm! November 24, 2014

Three days left of English, I can hardly believe it.  The kids had one last assignment:  to fill in their personal information and read the entire paragraph to the class.  At the beginning of the year, I had to beg and plead with most kids to stand up in front of their classmates at all, much less in English.  Speaking in a loud firm voice and making eye contact were unheard of.   But last week the kids astonished me.  They were so eager, waving their hands in the air and begging me to call on them.  Just about everyone read clearly and slowly, without any shred of personal embarrassment.  And when I asked for 1-2 volunteers to read in front of the parents at the upcoming English Night, a majority of the kids in every class jumped up immediately!   I am so proud of my students, and praising God for the changes He has brought about in each of these precious lives.



Adventures in English language immersion November 18, 2014

Does immersion really work for language learning? You tell me!  Here are a couple of interactions from today’s 3rd grade class:

Denisie: “Teacher, qué es boy?”
Megan: Isaac is a boy.
Denise: “Oh! Yo hubiera puesto boy!” (and promptly fills in girl)

Denisie bumps and pushes her benchmate out of the way. I prompt her, “Excuse me.” About thirty minutes later, I am sitting next to Denisie on the bench. She turns to me and says, “Excuse me.” I was so proud of her for saying it that I stood up as fast as I could!

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