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Evaluating English August 12, 2014

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We are two thirds of the way through the school year! So I recently gave the kids an evaluation of their speaking, reading and writing abilities in English. Here are some of the more interesting responses to the oral questions:


How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  • have sisters three. brothers zero.

    brother. sister no.


    one brother y zero sister

    I have two brothers and three sisters

    two hermanos

    one brothers and no sister


What is your grandfather’s name?

  • grandfather



    grandfather Don Manuel

    grandfather’s name is Adrian

  • What is your favorite activity?

    play soccer (16 children answered this)

    My favorite activity is play soccer

**bonus points to the three students who answered differently: “swimming”, “study”, and the enigmatic “restaurant”


What furniture is in your bedroom?

  • yes

    bed, closet



    shower? (shakes his head) bed, cabinet

    bad (bed), closet, rug

    lamp, book


My kids did a fantastic job!! They were such troopers about taking a “evaluation” that looked an awful lot like an exam. The lollipops helped…as did playing soccer when we were finished!


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